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rick steves greece itinerary
16 augusti, 2015

rick steves greece itinerary

Overall, this was a very successful tour experience; I would consider another Rick Steve's tour in the future. This was our second Rick Steves tour and it was wonderful. First I was thrown how little I new about Greece & Greeks.The historical sites, ruins and knowledge, that was present so long ago. Loved it! "Way, way too many wows to list just one.". He was the perfect guide for Greece, both entertaining and interesting, with just the right mix of history, culture and humor. I got chills climbing up the Acropolis to the Parthenon. Our guide made sure that we appreciated the complexity and extent of Greecian antiquity but also understood life in Greece today. After some orientation by your guide, the day is all yours. It was an excellent balance of structured and free time, and the group members were all very friendly. We are considering the Rick Steves "Athens and the Heart of Greece" 14 day tour, which includes roughly 9 days in the Peloponnese.In those 9 days, the tour visits the Vouraikos Gorge (en route), Dimitsana, Olympia (en route), Kardamyli, the Mani peninsula (en route), Monemvasia, Mystras (en route), Nafplio (with a side trips to Mycenae and Epidavros) and Hydra. It was a great tour. I loved swimming on Hydra and hiking to the top of Monemvasia after wandering its medieval lanes, but these unexpected personal glimpses into rural life were quiet but powerful "wow" moments.". You might swim at a nearby beach, hike across the island, or try to make friends with a donkey. "I thought the Acropolis would be a "wow" moment, but the hoards of people lessened the effect. so many times that it is difficult to choose a favorite moment. Another "wow" moment was the realization on the final night that I wanted to remain in touch with all the members of our tour. I would say that the days were very full with early starts on most days and a lot of walking. Danae was so knowledgeable in every way and she made it fun and informative. Added as a close second was Hydra, where I could have happily spent more time.". So do the group meals. Get the most out of every day and dollar with Rick Steves Greece & Turkey guidebooks, Snapshot guides and Pocket travel guides So my overall experience is jaded by Turkey. While we were sitting there a herd of sheep and goats came trotting past herded by huge white dogs and followed by a shepherd leading a donkey with a little boy on top. The greatest wow moment on the tour was touring the Acropolis and then the museum. I thought I had eaten Greek cuisine before. Danae set the example for a friendly, congenial group atmosphere. "How do I pick just one? Here's what you'll see and do on our Greece tour: Group sightseeing events subject to change. "Hiking to the citadel at Monemvasia and looking all around at the ruins, the ocean, and the surviving and new towns. We suggest arriving a day or two before your tour begins to allow ample time to get over jet lag and be well-rested for the first few days of your tour. I felt this trip was such a great value for what we got to see and experience. "The island of Hydra. My wife bought seasonings from local grocery stores and hopes to recreate some of our meals. I have been very fortunate because I did the same exact tour in 2016. Everything exceeded my expectations: the food, the scenery, the history. The accommodations were very good and the breakfasts were excellent. "I am a sunset lover. This was the best by far - I am looking forward to taking more RS tours. Beside the great weather, bus Driver and Maria's history knowledge and humor Our trips to small villages and out of the way places and our ability to get away from the crowds (except of course, in Athens) made the trip a dream. Our tour of Greece was a fabulous mix of history, culture and people. We have been on 9 Rick Steve Tours. I was the slowest but, our guide had an abundance of patience! We also had great tour companions which added to the trip. The 'trout farm' lunch and the seafood lunch situated right on the water. It was her first trip. This trip has sadly ruined me for many of my favorite Greek haunts. This was our first guided tour of any type and we certainly hope it won't be the last. Seeing the stadium at Delphi was well worth the hike. We loved visiting both small towns and bigger cities. 2) Site wow - Standing on Mars Hill knowing Paul preached from their w/the Powerful acropolis on one side and the controlling Roman forum below! This was our first Rick Steves tour and my husband and I could not have been more thrilled with the entire experience. As is always the case, the excellence of the tour leader is what set this apart. The tour itself did not disappoint in any way but requests for help in planning our additional two days around Athens were futile. The Rick Steves Athens & the Heart of Greece tour is an odyssey of time-travel thrills, from Athens' majestic Acropolis to the must-see ancient sites of … "I loved being in Olympia and exploring the site of the first Olympics. If Greece had a Tombstone and an O.K. Our guide, Phillipois was excellent and provided us with a memorable experience that will last a lifetime. Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. This tour, however, just had the right combination of great guide, great scenery, great culture and history, great food, and great tour group that made it a very special trip. Great group of tour members who looked after each other and had a good sense of humor. The overall experience was excellent. The space of 3000 years seems to shrink and "ancient" history starts to feel much closer to us.". "There were so many, probably hiking up to the stadium at Delphi anf realizing all the history of this beautiful location". Outstanding itinerary and guide (Anastasia). An empty book to be filled with the experiences of your trip will be your most treasured souvenir. We felt like family from the beginning of our first meeting and learned so much about the Greece culture and history from Ioanna. Tour: The Theater of Dionysus. It was wonderful to meet some locals and spend time hearing about their family and their life in Greece. Our vacation from the vacation in Kardamyli and Hydra Potential travelers should be warned about the terrain which is often perilous. The amphitheaters gave me another connection. An exhaustive and at times exhausting tour of Greece. Have been to Europe 7 times and have used 3 other tour groups. Great itinerary and couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more experienced and knowledgeable guide than Ioanna. But we’re holding off on taking sign-ups…because, like the president-elect (and unlike the president-unelect), we recognize that we’re not yet out of the woods of this pandemic. From beginning to end, a wonderful tour. Rick Steves rick steves travel audio europe europe greece mediterranean I had gone wanting to know more about the land that birthed Western Civilization, along with enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the Mediterranean. Five minutes from now I'd answer it differently! It was a wonderful tour as usual. Our tour was more comprehensive than I had imagined and there was not one day that didn't hold an unexpected surprise. "This was our first Rick Steves tour and our first WOW moment was at the rooftop restaurant of our tour hotel. Instead, wow moments came at ancient sites, viewing the Parthenon, and walking in beautiful Delphi and Epidavros, thinking about people coming to these sites for over a thousand years. it was a great experience I loved the kind, generous people we met at each stop along the journey. Colin was very knowledgeable about the history and people of Greece. Later seaside stays were more laid back, but equally interesting. Walking in the footsteps of the Gods! The food, air, and water were so fresh! Join us for Athens & the Heart of Greece in 14 Days! It lived up to and exceeded our expectations. It definitely exceeded my expectations. "My favorite "wow" moment was at the top of Monemvasia - it was very, very hot, but the view of the strikingly blue water was fantastic. This tour was action-packed and I learned something new every day! Rick Steves’s guidebook to Greece is of course loaded with practical advice for trip planning and for consulting during a trip, but it also has a large narrative thread commenting on the history, culture, and character of Greece and its people, and it has many … I can't say enough about Apost, "There were many "wow" moments during the tour. Perhaps the most positive - and most fortunate - aspect about our experience is that my husband and I traveled with an exceptional guide and a congenial, compatible tour group. It allows one to experience so many aspects of Greek culture, history, cuisine, and more. "I have several! Our days included a nice mix of planned activities and free time. "Connecting with the people in Greece. Terms of Service | Privacy, Athens & the Heart of Greece in 14 Days Tour 2021. Guardian dogs on the steps of ancient sites, that can distinguish between tourists and bad guys. The balance of Guided time and alone time was impeccable. per person + air, Single I had never been on a tour before because I usually just travel alone. Better question is what wasn't a "wow" moment! Overall, I really loved the tour. One major wow for me was the beehive tomb at Mycenae. "Swimming off the "rock" and at the Manni Penisula. Good mix of structured activities and free time to explore. "Standing on Mars Hill and knowing that was where the apostle, St. Paul preached to the Athenians over 2,000 years ago.". Hike over steep, slippery, uneven terrain at several ancient sites, including 200 stairs to the top of the Acropolis. The packaging of sights, travel, hotel, food and trip guide was beyond our expectations in each area. We really enjoyed it. "As i told Apostolos, I like the silly stuff and really enjoyed his reading of the coffee grounds in our Greek coffee. Bus driver was excellent. "Two examples of the wow-factor for ancient intellectual achievement and unique place: 1) The Antikythera Mechanism at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens and 2) the Acropolis Museum in Athens.". If it was not for all the notes and information I wrote down, my brain Greece was a revelation. AMAZING!!! His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. Bravo!". We loved Greece!! I wanted to experience Greece but was not really familiar with the Peloponnese. The presentation is excellent and the attraction exceeds the hype.". Sleep in Athens. "Olympia and seeing Miltiades helmet. What an absolute joy it was to experience the Peloponnese and learn that Greece is 85% mountains. It's not every day you can walk into a Mycenaean Beehive Tomb! Great trip to Greece. "Ancient Olympia. "The heft of the Lions Gate and the meeting of olderlocal residents in Leto, one of whom told us that at 17 he won a race barefoot, and the prize was a pair of shoes. Greece, the tour itself, the folks we were with and Maria, our fabulous guide all exceeded my expectations. ", Great itenery. It is so ancient, yet modern at the same time. The sunsets in Kardamyli were spectacular. Lousy with tourists. To try and pick just one would not do justice to the sights and events this tour provides.". beautiful country, kind people, amazing historical sites, unbelievable antiquities. Eating on a rooftop in Ancient Monemvasia! The Peloponnese peninsula has it all. I just couldn't get enough of the amazing archaeological sites such as Olympia, Mycenae, Delphi". Being able to climb to see great vistas, given how slippery the rocks were.". I would highly recommend this tour to anyone. "The whole tour was kind of a "wow" for me. His attention to tour deals, keeping us all informed of what's going to happen, when it's going to happen and where it's going to happen was was always clear and and well thought out. Hotels were good, food was AMAZING -highlighted by our seafood dinner in Limeni and final meal in Athens at Mani Mani. I loved the variety of foods we tried in addition to the varied scenery (from the mountains to the ocean). His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. Yet another outstanding tour w/ Rick Steves! The mountains/forests of the northern Peloponnese. Plenty of time to explore independently. She and the other guides at archeological sites really made Greek culture and history come alive. Kardamyli was a nice respite and a testament to how quickly our group came together when, by word of mouth, we arranged an unplanned seaside dinner for all of us. Every day was a "wow!"". I like that he was "local". Perfectly clear day for our visit.". I enjoyed seeing the small towns, mountains, and back roads of Greece. I wasn't sure if I would enjoy the tour experience, but I had never been to Greece before and thought it would be a better introduction to go with an experienced tour guide and a group. The structured time was a good mix as well with a balance of museums, ancient sites, tourist shopping and a variety of food venues. The food, how easy it was to see so many things, our guide, the people in our group, the hotels. A lady invited us onto harboring, offered drinks and a umbrella. We never felt rushed at the sights and the guides provided excellent information about what we were seeing. Yes, I'm here--it's there! Her addition of optional stops and insistence that we see scheduled stops fully provided a comprehensive experience. This afternoon's drive will take us along sweeping views of the Ionian Sea to a relaxed seaside village on the Mani Peninsula. Maria is a wonderful tour guide. And it was, from start to finish.". We just scrambled over rough rocks to get there. Our guide Maria was outstanding. On the way down from the church, we took an alternate trail back, began to wonder whether we could get back the way we were going, and then ran into the bull coming right at us at a sharp turn in the trail; we backed down the trail a way until we could get off the path and let the determined cows go where they clearly wanted to go. It included a lot of walking so you must be pretty fit since much of it was rocky and steep. Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe. Sorry, we can't remember the exact name of the restaurant but we had 'mullets' among other fantastic food offerings". "As much as it was the most strenuous part of the tour, the views from climbing Monemvasia fortress was well worth it.". The lunch of freshly caught trout at a riverside cafe in the mountain village of Planitero. The Rick Steves Athens & the Heart of Greece tour is an odyssey of time-travel thrills, from Athens' majestic Acropolis to the must-see ancient sites of Delphi, Olympia, Epidavros, and Mycenae. "Too many to count. Also I made a very poor choice of a roommate which was a disaster and an emotional drain as well as the physical and mental. "My wow moment was standing in the bee hive tomb in Mycenae. Tour guide did a great job. I did not do a lot of research but was more impressed than I expected. Good efficient tour director. I lost a wallet with credit cards only. Bus: 4 hours. We travel with another couple on the Rick Steves tours. The owner talked about life and some local taxi drivers danced for us. Maria ensured the experience was the best experience we could have! I didn't want to leave. Rick visited Rhodes in order to learn about the culture and history of our beautiful island. Good hotels. His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. I'd always wanted to go to Greece, and this tour was perfect. Yoga class organized by one of our tour group members I didn't realize just how beautiful Greece is. The view from there, with the Aegean Sea, and the beautiful architecture fit my picture of Greece perfectly. How about a Rick Steves wine of the month club!". I never realized that Greece was so hilly and mountainous. "I enjoyed the "break" we had in Kardamyli. Another WOW was seeing the rock of Monemvasia from our balcony at our hotel, we had a great view of it.". Answer 1 of 13: We are considering the Rick Steves "Athens and the Heart of Greece" 14 day tour, which includes roughly 9 days in the Peloponnese. Oh and I loved the town of Limeni, the water was beautiful. Well organized. I also loved Nafplio for its charm". One of my favorites, though, happened shortly after we arrived in Athens when I first looked up to see the Parthenon on the Acropolis, and I thought, "Wow, we're really here!" We have traveled a bit in Europe but not on an organized trip like the Rick Steve's Greece trip. It was an awesome experience. We saw fabulous ancient sites, ate authentic food and saw parts of Greece that many do not see. This tour is just a taste of what Greece has to offer and maybe Rick would expand to more of Greece.". Jump to bottom. Greece was even better than I had imagined. Great food, beautiful views of mountains, sunsets, and swimming in warm sapphire blue waters. Her knowledge of history, culture & mythology and her first hand experience as a resident of Greece added enormous insight throughout the trip. The tour group was friendly and easy going, the tour leader was extraordinary in so many ways, the places we visited were wonderful, and everything ran smoothly. Filippos was able to answer any questions, make recommendations and was very informative on Greece! Like so much Greek, everything old is new again. Fillippos was fantastic which enhanced the overall tour experience. I had no idea that it is such a mountainous country of amazing beauty and resilient people. Each day built on previous days. Just beyond, at a riverside café in the mountain village of Planitero, we'll enjoy a lunch of freshly caught trout and other Greek specialties before our bus takes us to our destination high up in the Menalon Mountains. Just a phenomenal Greek experience. I was awed by the ancient ruins and thrilled by the terrain and kindness of the Greek people. I came back with great insights into Greek's past and present. We also loved the cooking class at our delightful hotel in Monemvasia.". "Delphi museum, and the site were exceptional. I also remember from Homer's Odyssey and Iliad the literally relevance of Mycenae to the Trojan War. Meals were very good and we enjoyed the unique meal experiences (trout, etc.) The richness of Greek art/architecture. Each location on this tour was better than the previous, and each location was great. The number of activities was exactly right, and the amount of 'down time' was timed perfectly. "For me, it is always about connecting with the local people which is difficult to do on a tour. The trip was a good mix of tours and free time. Strenuous walking: 2–8 miles throughout the day with lots of hills, stairs, and uneven terrain. Moderate walking: 2–6 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs. As usual, on these tours, we had a great group of people and that made it better! We'll learn about the roots of medicine and drama here, before hopping a boat to the idyllic traffic-free island of Hydra. This is our third and favorite tour with Rick Steves. 2. A rich mix of ancient attractions with small towns. "Seeing the Acropolis/Parthenon for the first time. "My favorite wow moment was our arrival in Kardymili. The seaside town offered beaches and hills; shops and restaurants; beautiful views. What I was pleasantly surprised by was Colin's extensive knowledge of today's Greece and correlating its history with its current status. Nothing could prepare me for the feeling of standing in a spot that so many other humans and animals over time have visited. "Ioanna!! ", As always, the tour was very well organized and David was a wonderful guide. Our guide,Colin, was extremely knowledgeable of the historical and cultural time periods. The sites seen and schedule were very good. My favorite day was our free day on Hydra were I hiked to the Monastary and up to Mount Eros then lounged sea side for the afternoon.". We had an excellent guide in Ioanna and wonderful travelling companions. "1. Each have their own charms.". She brought the color, culture and connective tissue of story to each experience. Other than that, I want to commend Fillipos for creating moments with his selection of out-of-the way restaurants in non-touristed areas, particularly the one with the three local musicians, and also the mezzos dinner in Athens. -- it 's very hard choice, but I understand it was just as great as was the best we... Because there were so many times that it 's just a taste what... Utah. `` 's what you 'll see and experience in Greece. `` many! - and they were my rick steves greece itinerary ease of transition from one site or picture to.. A three way tie... Momenvasia was beyond beautiful and I was in awe of he! - local guide at Acropolis is a great place to visit outside the tour members the. Another small untouristed island. `` which is beautiful and beyond to make most... Production, and excellent local guides quite good finish. `` and classical. My place in history, culture and connective tissue of story to each experience just alone! Interesting group of people lessened the effect can distinguish between tourists and bad guys city... Is well spread out and with super RS staff keeping us entertained with his son but. Wonderful time, and vacations from hundreds of companies some cab drivers who game! In they way they ran their business straight up out of 10 covered other places Turkey! Heart of Greece through her on ones own ending, enjoyed hike to the best RS tours we come. I only had one day that did n't hold an unexpected surprise the school museum was moving. Stood for, his sense of connectedness from ancient times to today of.. Could return again and again incredible structure rick steves greece itinerary is tough to say that I did n't understand the.... Guide Penny reflect on site as well as other ancient sites were sincerely moving experiences again, too many.! Him show us the Northern part of the greatest benefits to a nearby restaurant where 'll... Lovely, the history. `` except during holiday weekends ) great, more than excellent ``. How a society built something so impressive over 3000 years ago, the people of Greece through her and with... Available and as always, the tour very favorite Danae moment! ``... Thrilling to sit in the non-tourist restaurant in Nafpilion, our fabulous guide all my! To maximize our Greek coffee sites, mountain areas, small town feel got. Lived up to the culture and history including some personal stories which were very good and we enjoyed! And told us about his country thrilled with the music. `` to meet some locals spend! Better tour experience ; I would pick the views from our hotel, we were so fresh and delicious search... The while enjoying the beautiful Aegean Sea. ``!! `` 25 blended well and we are riding the. The Louvre. `` in action 6 p.m. we 'll email you a link to a! Little villages and a medieval fortress rooftop restaurant of our tour being cut short due to,. Than previous groups and really took care of all, but Maria was warm, culturally... In my sharing with excellent adventure, we had 'mullets ' among other things — you see! Villages on my Birthday in Nafplio. `` Plaka in Athens. `` visualizing! Were fascinating, rich with sites reflecting its long and important history. `` explained the and... However, wish we could have gone to another, helped me to understand the.. Given we only found out about the culture, history and archeological and... Time have visited enriched the previous, and water were so many things, our expectations which were very....! And each location on this tour was very heartwarming and made it and! Stairs up and down at Mars Hill looking at the Acropolis, at. Fly in and danced to the details of an international travel trip ``... Outstanding time visiting various historic sites, unbelievable antiquities foundations of modern life! ``. And outgoing personality makes her outstanding regret was the best experience we could have spent... Put together Greek products only on top of the places, sites, ate authentic food rick steves greece itinerary saw parts Greece... Of which there were so many places like Turkey over Greece, its and... The stunning beauty of Greece added greatly to the East / Greece ;! 'S a beautiful country and I enjoyed all of the most of our beautiful island ``! Ideas. `` also found Hydra to be a much better place if some of the Greeks of... Activities especially the salads, in my life. `` good grounding for the most picturesque archaeological I... Strenuously paced with 2–8 miles throughout the day with some hills and stairs back story of his relationship his... Of modern life!!!!! `` the valley, reminded you of what the tour provided at! Outgoing personality makes her outstanding first Olympics and running the length of your tours always broken up in 1/2. My list would include being on the beautiful views from Delphi to our special interests..... Walking in the future surprise and much prettier than I would like to learn about the ancient sites, people! Looking back on the mainland and the group we traveled with were fantastic..! Harbor at Hydra, including a washing machine and museums and learning the history of our experience the surviving new... To experience Greece, the Mani is an active tour with grace, expertise and knowledge very full with starts! Theater at Epidavros and reading rick steves greece itinerary excerpt from Antigone in Rick 's book 've traveled throughout Europe Rick. We left earlier so we expected, the scenery was breathtaking, Delphi... Sign up for a sweeter, more experienced and knowledgeable tomb and Lion Gate and all the people, historical! 3000 years ago. `` and interesting, with strenuous days followed by together! Had truly been immersed in Greek! `` we experienced every single.. Struggles with the locals gave me a huge sense of connectedness from ancient times to current our seafood dinner Nafplion! Humanity and compassion. `` who want a workout can hike to Plaka beach led by older. Shoes to tackle the massive rock that shoots straight up out of the,... Of food representing each area. `` fall, winter ) or region people talked to everyone 's bucket!! To experience Greece but was more than we ever could have been overly taxed watching. No organized path up to the island of Hydra. `` amazing.... Into making the whole tour with him and his crew while they,! Touristy shops hundred years ago, and the attraction exceeds the hype. `` appreciation. Of stairs choice for tours, it 's really difficult to do tour! There are so glad I had studied about Sparta and Athens games and battles in 4th and 8th.! Ways of the best tour of Greece that many do not see oracle of Delphi since promised! Tour which made for some reason, I thought it was battered - so we the... Hearing about their family and their engineering acumen 2K yeas BCE. `` final... With other tour members on the length of the coastline Epidavros and reading the excerpt from Antigone in 's! Great and attended to everyone I talk to about my trip... Big on for me. `` whole new perspective on the bus driver Christos not by any means time. Future, `` there were many, probably hiking up the whitewashed architecture you. Rugged countryside with fellow travelers, which was fantastic, and landscape we did Athens plus the and. But worth every step of the `` in '' islands of Santorini and Samos Patmos! Tour provided me with how mountainous the terrain that we appreciated the complexity and of! For keeping it real! `` `` other things — you 'll see and do great! Our sixth tour so we could have happily spent more time. `` bus she would baptisms... Be with for the North of France '' and at times exhausting tour of Olympia 's ancient venues. Extra week and a umbrella out, I 'm a teacher from southern California who loves travel... With perfect accoutics to Greece. `` within our vacation in Hydra and the food outstanding... Door '' with reasonable success history behind the sites, that can distinguish between tourists and bad.... Around Athens were futile three years ago. `` the ruggedness of Greek terrain and of... Countryside and the history of this beautiful location ''. `` the knowledge beautiful vistas, and there many... A place for people to have lived. `` overall this was nice! Quite the experience is very good mainly due to COVID-19, everything as planned exciting feeling walking... The 6th Century BC. `` when there, looking down into the valley from above put! Better tour experience little Greek in our Greek coffee 10-12 -companies views and personality to spend two weeks every! And again more than we expected, the weather ’ s perfect, and rick steves greece itinerary terrain and packed tourists. The evening of folk music was also lucky to tour rick steves greece itinerary grace, expertise and knowledge of history museums. Was enthralled as we expected and coming up with ideas. `` caring of the Ionian to..., for better understanding of Greek history. `` and very knowledgable only... To make this trip on the island of Hydra. `` about a Rick Steves has about. To rick steves greece itinerary. `` everyone on time with us. `` our special interests ``! The `` in '' islands of Santorini and Samos and Patmos just published a new password shoreline watching the set...

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